On a ambient music journey with Bohemian Cristal Instrument (an après Cristal Baschet), Lenka Morávková is processing its acoustic capacities along with her voice to create unexpected soundscapes on the border of movie score and pulsing dance music in order to bring unique sonic and visual experience.
In 2016, she was given a Gluck stipend at UCR and awarded the funding to ship the instrument to Los Angeles, where she is currently residing. In early 2017, she applied for 01 Visa for exceptional artist in USA, which she successfully obtained. After that, all took a quick turn in her life. She left the PhD program and went entirely on her music journey with the Bohemian Cristal Instrument. She did a TEDx talk, played at the prestigious Broad Museum in Los Angeles along with Grammy nominated singer Bora Yoon and her video of performing in the blooming desert of California got viral and reached out to more than a 2 millions viewers.  The following summer, she headed to her first European tour, including a unique collaboration with  William Close and The Earth Harp Collective at Colours of Ostrava 2017.

The debut EP UNICODE was released on June 28 2018 in worldwide digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play  and Bandcamp).

Lenka is currently developing an immersive, interactive light show for the fall tour 2018 and continue to perform unique shows on site specific places as well as major festivals, pushing the boundaries of what a music experience is. 

In 2012 Lenka Morávková designed the first Cristal Baschet (named Bohemian Cristal, an après Baschet sculpture) in the Czech Republic and assisted Spanish artist Martí Ruiz, of the Metalúdic Baschet Collective, in the construction of the instrument. She first played it in a performance October of that year at the International Glass Symposium in Nový Bor.
The Cristal Baschet was originally conceived and developed in 1952 by François and Bernard Baschet, two French brothers who built a myriad of experimental instruments and sound sculptures, which are now exhibited in galleries and private collections around the world. As it is possible to play this instrument at a high level of virtuosity, the Cristal Baschet has become the most successful of the instruments created by the Baschet Brothers. 

A unique live show from Lenka Morávková and her Bohemian Cristal Instrument is an extraordinary experience, which immerses you into a world where futurism and tradition becomes one.


Lenka Morávková is a songwriter, sound artist, and electronic music producer from the Czech Republic, currently residing in Los Angeles,  California.
Tiptoeing on the edge between the dance floor and conceptual art, her work is rooted in global and personal collapses, an aesthetic of glitches and deconstruction, and an application of academic theories to performance practices. As a cross-disciplinary artist, Lenka Morávková transgresses boundaries within music, visual art, performance, and new media, touring internationally with her music project My Name Is Ann as well as performing with the unique glass instrument Bohemian Cristal Instrument (après Baschet sculpture). 
Her interactive sound installations and performances have been presented extensively throughout Europe, including the LEM festival in Barcelona, the Czech National Theatre in Prague, the International Glass Symposium, Colours of Ostrava and the Biennial Ostrava Days festivals in the Czech Republic, the Natures Festival in Ljubjana, and the CreArt festival. 
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